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MA Fine Art: Extended Essay – “Flesh Of the Sensible: Painting, Shamanism, Perception and Phenomenology”

MA Fine Art: Extended Essay – “Flesh Of The Sensible: Painting, Shamanism, Perception And Phenomenology”

MAFA Extended Essay

My final essay is 4300 words plus extensive support footnotes, appendix and bibliography. It explores connections between painting,  perception, phenomenology and shamanism. These are underlying areas of research throughout the MA, which have developed, clarified and become more complex. I have been taking a more objective view of these subjects as the year has progressed, though any possible conclusions remain open-ended with the distinct possibility of continuing to be developed and understood into the future.


“In primordial perception, Merleau-Ponty writes, subject and object, noesis and noema, are blurred to the point of disappearing into one sole “intentional fabric,” namely, the “flesh of the sensible.” Rather than claiming that the body extracts the emotional essence of things, we should instead speak of a single reverberation out of which perception, gesture, painting, and speaking emerge.”

Ted Toadvine, ‘Singing the World in a New Key’ 2004

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