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Selected Paintings + Drawings

Selected outcomes from ongoing research processes into landscape theory; representational & imaginative analysis; painting / drawing methods; exploration and experimentation. Work developed on MA Fine Art: Contemporary Practice at University College Falmouth, Cornwall, UK.

Selected Studies + Sketches



11.2010 Improvised performance; shamanic ritual through rebirth. "Antumbra The antumbra (from Latin ante, "before") is…

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Son Of Light

11.2011 This performance is a brief improvised event. It is the dystopian rave. It is…

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Palaces Of The Mind


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Granite and Dissolution


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Lizardhead (Coastal Path 2)

09/2010 The Lizard, Cornwall

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Coastal Path

21.08.2010 North Cornwall A 1.1mile walk recorded in real-time along the South West Coastal Path…

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Mena (I call you light)

08.2010 Wheal Maid valley, Cornwall

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A History Of Flight

11.2010 Sound as narrative

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