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Bideford Bay Creatives – website redesign

Site: Bideford Bay Creatives Date: 05.2015 Specs: website upgrade + redesign / branding / visual identity

New website design for Bideford Bay Creatives, a not-for-profit community group created in July 2009, which “works towards creating opportunities for the local community (people, businesses, voluntary groups and arts organisations) to host events and activities and get involved with the arts. Our emphasis is on cultural tourism, economic regeneration, community involvement and partnership working”. I built the original site in 2009, but technological and organisational changes meant time to update and redesign the site. This is a bespoke design using custom WordPress install, with new archives of earlier content and projects, and focus on 2015 and future projects. Structurally designed for an apparent simplicity and automation of use, to allow for client / contributors to add content with minimum of work. Also for social / cloud content to be integrated and the website to be part of those networks, and a hub rather than an isolated site.

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